I´m a German born and living in Slovakia. I´ve never been to Medjugorje, my first contact with Medjugorje was rather different as perhaps compared to others. I had only remote knowledge of Marian apparitions and I paid to them only superficial attention.It was beginning of summer in 2000. I was strongly opressed, as for my research work. I couldn´t publish my results, my applications for grant were permanently rejected, so I was without money and needed a PC. I prayed rosaries with the intention to find some money and I succeeded. To test my internet connection, the first web site I chose was www.medjugorje.org. The message of May 25 was "Pray... that the Holy Spirit may come to dwell in you" followed by June 25 message "The one who prays is not afraid of future"  It was sth like an impetus to continue our work.What about this work? We investigated some cells latently infected with some herpes viruses.Soluble extracts from these cells, when added to other cells changed their appearance. An interesting effect was observed in tumor cells, they could be converted towards the normal ones.We were succcessfull to obtain and partially purify new growth factors. We expected admiration, joy and support, however, the opposite was true! Instead of support we encountered a lot of hatred, jealousy and envy. The research in our country is controlled by Mason-like structures deciding who can publish and who can get grant, primarily they, of course. Our work has been completely rejected and ridiculed. My PhD student, working in an unpleasant atmosphere of ridicule and without any grant support could not make progress and was forced to give his notice and our whole research team desintegrated. Since 2002 I´m without laboratory without any chance to continue ar to start anew elsewhere. I.m afraid I will be forced to retire prematurely, I´m 60 next year. I was 38 when I discovered a new class of growth factors.This is my testimony

Franz (Frank) Golais



Franz Golais