Hello dear all,

I am Johannes from Germany, 61, married, an adopted son and one grandson.  I startet pilgrimages to Medjugorje in 1989, because i wanted to pray for Clemens, my brother who was paralysed from a car accident. I came to Medjugorje in Oktober 1989, and when i left  in my car i suddenly had the feeling of St. Marys presence. It was amazing and i do not find words to discribe this moment. But i felt her around and inside. she gave an unspoken message to my heart as "have no fear". I think to have no fear is so essential for all of us. And for me it meant no fear concerning my brother and moreover no fear concerning everything. So i had a new sight of things and startet changing my spiritual life. In Oktober i will be there to my personal  20. aniversary and it could be the 20. trip as well, i do not know this exactly. From an Internet international prayer group i know so many devoted people meanwhile and together we are strengthening each other by sharing experences and news about our Lady St. Mary.

May God bless you all and that we may grow in faith and learning more and more God´s open heart and open arms to an everlasting life in God.

Johannes Dittrich- Germany

Johannes Dittrich