My name is Beverley Ann Price.  In 1989 my husband brought home a video by Leon Le Grand talking about a conversion experience he had in Medjugorje.  I didnt want to watch this, but I felt compelled and after watching Leons testimony on Medjugorje, in Bosnia Hercagovinia. and Our Blessed Mother Mary Queen of Peace appearing, I felt a deep call, I knew I had to take my family, to visit this far away place.    In 1989 my husband,  two sons and myself  travelled to Medj and spent Christmas there.  I fell in love with Mary Queen of Peace the Gospa.. and since that Christmas in 1989, we have seen Gods hand and plan move through our life.  He has been there in our tough times, our suffering, our joys , and sickness,our unemployment, our betrayal  and I thank the Heavenly Father each day for the Blessing of our Blessed Mother. As all these obstacles we past through with the hand of Mary guiding us to her son. I started a prayer group, in 1990. and began trying to live the messages that Mary taught us. She linked my husband and I with many people throughout the world and  world wide prayer groups was formed.
We started on the path of evangalisation for the Gospa and Medjugorje, and it has been the most exciting ride.  I have met so many incredible people , milliionaires.. Priests.. people from all walks of life and all countries, who have felt this same call, to change their lives turn away from sin and  follow this call of  God. The Lord continues to open doors,, I could not humanly open.  We heard Jerry Morin's song and music. and it touched us so deeply.  The Lady is calling , ,, I play Jerry's music  always at our home masses and it continues to touch others even after 20 years. There is a wonderful wind blowing, a wind of gentleness , love,, comfort, wisdom a wind of the Holy Spirit blowing where He will.  No one could connect as the Holy Spirit does and Our Blessed Mother.. She has united the world and put the love of Her son Jesus Christ of Nazareth in our hearts. Yes she is calling, calling us from all parts of the world. Joining us in heart and its the most beautiful party I have ever attended.   Mir Mir Mir...  Peace Peace Peace Beverley Ann Price

"My wife Beverley and sons spent Christmas 1989 in Medjugorje where we met Joe McNamara from Chicago.  Joe compiled a booklet on Prayer Groups titled 'Medjugorje the Sunset and the need for Prayer Groups', approved by Fr Slavko, published in America. Joe asked my help to get it translated into other languages.  I am no linguist so I said to the Blessed Mother "If you want me to help, you find the translators'.  The first translator was a Catholic student from Indonesia, who translated and typed it into Bahasa Indonesian.  I was led to Bishop Vitalis of Bali who printed it, gave it his Imprimatur and personally distributed copies; he had been to Medjugorje in July 1989 and was present during an apparition to the visionaries!   Following this Joe, Dr Art Nestved (USA, who arranged the Spanish translation) and myself founded 'Worldwide Prayer Groups'. Over the 1990's Our Blessed Mother provided me with translators and this booklet was published in Chinese Mandarin, Tagalog (Philippines) Indian (Telegu, Tamil), Ibo (Nigeria) languages .  The Philippine translation was printed and distributed just prior to Ivan's visit to the Philippines. Joe sent us the audiotape on 'To the World' by Jerry Morin which we played regularly for our prayer group meetings and celebrations of the anniversary of the apparitions in Medjugorje both here at our home in Melbourne, Australia, and also in Papua New Guinea.  Prayer Groups are one of the fruits of Medjugorje and Our Blessed Mother has initiated and encouraged their formation.  I fully support Jerry' Morin's music and mission -Servants to the World"- Prof. T.V. Price

 Beverley and Terry Price- Australia



Beverley Ann and Terry Price