I am a Catholic convert and was active in attending Marian conferences in the 90's and made a trip to Medjugorje in 1996.  My husband and I received a phone message from Jerry Morin, a couple of months ago, and the memories came flooding back of those times.  In the last years I had gotten away from praying the rosary and became more concerned on worldly things and activities.  This past Fall there was a call to pray the rosary for the election and it struck me that I should do that.  It was further confirmed when one morning I heard a female interior voice say, "Pray my prayers."  I knew in an instant that it was Mary.  In the past I had prayed the rosary daily and made rosaries, so this started my thoughts flowing.  As I began praying the rosary on a daily basis, I felt I needed to start making rosaries again, but it was even a stonger urge than I had in the past.  It became a need, a passion, a ministry.  I felt in my heart that I needed to get the importance of the rosary out and the need to pray.  The thoughts came to connect a color of a rosary for an intention, so Remember Rosaries was created.  I now have a website www.rememberrosaries.com and I make and sell rosaries to help non-profit Catholic ministies and religious orders.  I feel this is my calling to be a servant to our Lord and his Blessed Mother.  So pray the rosary!

Tammy Palubicki- Minnesota, USA

Tammy Palubicki