Going to one of Jerry Morin's concerts in 1990 was a life-changing experience.  Before then, my wife and I went through the motions of practicing our faith, but we simply found it impossible to accept many of the core teachiings of the Catholic Church.  Because of the overwhelming sense of God's grace and consolation present throughout Jerry's concert, we knew right away our lives would never be the same.  For the first time ever, we heard Our Lady's call to surrender to Jesus and we immediately wanted to respond to her call.  We were finally able to open our hearts to allow Jesus to become the center of our lives and we were soon fully reconciled with the Church.  We went to Medjugorje in 1991, a year after going to Jerry's concert.  While we were in Medjugorge, my wife and I came to the realization I was called to become a Deacon.  In 1992, we were involved with the Des Moines Marian Conference that saw 9,000 people from all over the U.S. come together to worship Jesus and honor His mother.  In 1993, my wife and I entered Diacaonate Formation for the Diocese of Des Moines and I was ordained in 1997.  None of this would have happened if we hadn't gone to Jerry's concert in 1990.  Through the years, we have kept in contact with Jerry as he has helped Our Lady's call be heard by many thousands of people throughout the entire United States.  Now, with Servants to the World, Jerry is leading the way to next level of spreading Our Lady's call, so even more people can be led by her to Jesus.  We are witnessing the beginning of something that will eventually have a profound effect far beyond anything we can imagine.  I urge everyone to join with Servants to World in responding to Our Lady's call.

Deacon Joe Cortese- Iowa, USA

Deacon Joe Cortese