In 1998 I received a calling to go to Medjugorje. While there, my wife and I experienced a profound conversion experience and witnessed many unexpected, seemingly mystical and deeply personal events. The thing that impressed me most was the deep reverence I felt for the sacraments. One day after praying and entering confession, I had a personal calling to my mind. The assignment came in the form of the words "Save My Lambs." I revealed this to several priests in Medjugorje and was guided to pray for my calling to be clear. After a short interval of time back in the states, I was led to a small suburb of Toledo, Ohio where I discerned my mission. I was to discover a shrine in Toledo dedicated to saving babies. I knew in my heart this was what Our Lady wanted for me; to "save the lambs." I was asked to join the management team where I helped organize Our Lady gave me the grace in helping to develop the shrine into a non-profit corporation where I served as president for several years. "Say Yes to the Great Gift of Life." is a song from the To The World music that is used a great deal at the shrine in witnessing for the unborn.

As a fruit of Medjugorje, I join as a servant in this mission in the belief that Our Lady and Our Lord can do mighty things if we surrender to Them.

Len Felder