My trip to Medjugorje is 1985 changed by life forever! At the age of 34 I had no real devotion to Our Lady and my life was quite worldly.....yet when I first heard that Our Lady might be speaking to young children over in a small town called, Medjugorje, I had this burning desire inside that I had to go.

I could never thank Our Lady enough for touching my heart and calling me back to her SON. Although the signs (sun spinning) were extraordinary, the most powerful sign for me was the tremendously strong faith and devotion of the people in the village that touched my heart the most. I will never forget my trip back to the US.... I knew something changed within me and that I was now going to start to lead a different life. That same joy, that burning desire to draw closer to Jesus and Mary has never left me even through the many difficult years of raising a family with 5 children.

The center of my life today is now the MASS and has been for many years. It's the greatest of all gifts that any human being could ever ask for on this earth. Since my first trip to Medjugorje, we have prayed the rosary as a family, for over 20 years. As I look back, my experience in Medjugorje was unquestionably a spiritual turning point in my life, and the rosary has proven to us to be a powerful weapon of protection and strength that has truly helped to guide our family especially through tough times. We have seen tremendous fruits and heavenly gifts come out of those who were called to Medjugorje and one of them is the powerful music from the "To the World" album. It has greatly touched my heart and the hearts of all those who hear it. Our Lady, Queen of Peace is calling us, to please let HIM in.........that is my prayer for all!

Bob Ott- Texas, USA


Bob Ott